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interactive installation

On March 18th, 2018, Russian presidential election took place. Vladimir Putin has become the president for the fourth time, breaking the previous record with 77% of votes. His campaign didn’t include much personal involvement or presence, as Russian media has been working hard to sustain his popularity for years.
My project is an investigation into the news reports shown by 4 federal TV-channels within a week before the elections. By collecting and categorizing all supporting clips they used that week, I was able to paint a picture of how state propaganda occurs on television, hiding behind supposedly objective narratives. Just like socialist realism painting back in the USSR, these short pieces of footage come together as a mundane, yet utopian, scripted version of reality, that works in state’s best interests. “Engineers of the soul” is the way Joseph Stalin used to refer to socialist realists, whose template-based art has become the main tool of spreading visual propaganda across the Union.

Special thanks to:
Jakob Schlötter
Freddie Thomson

Core teachers:
Ruben Pater
Thomas Buxo

Documented by Celine Hurka

Exhibited at Graduation Festival 2018 at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, July 2018

Presented at The Hmm at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, May 2018

online version is under construction


website, identity

Identity for graduation show of the Graphic Design department at the Royal Academy of Art.
In collaboration with Taya Reshetnik, Lin Ven, Nora Bekes, Lukas Engelhardt and Carmen Dusmet Carrasco.
Photo: EKOC Productions


video, poster

Identity for the Dog and Pony presentation at the Royal Academy of Art.
In collaboration with Taya Reshetnik.


website + (generated) print

Thesis written during my graduation year at the KABK.
This writing is about the social power of a two-dimensional canvas.
We live in the world, ruled by images. A man-made image is a language, that emerges within a specific culture. It always follows a certain structure and intention, and lacks the possibility of being entirely objective or autonomous. A graphic image is the way we put the tangible world in order, as well as give a shape to abstract ideas. I believe, that this language can and should be studied, taught and used thoughtfully.

Exhibited at Open Day at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, January 2018



Website for Ultraclub, a non-profit advertising agency that has set itself the goal of generating renewed interest in the Boekhorststraat in The Hague. The first project of the Ultraclub is the BoekhorstKrant, a publication about the shops of the Boekhorststraat made in close collaboration with 42 of its retailers. In addition to its independent publicity function, this newspaper also opened the conversation between the shopkeepers and the Ultraclub, from which a series of new projects have emerged that help retailers or the environment in a concrete way through graphic design.

Exhibited at UltraClub Show at Boekhorststraat, The Hague, May 2017



Declaring Word critically reflects on the ease and lack of concern that citizens have for commenting on the Internet. Being the space where freedom of speech has so far reached its highest point, social platforms like Youtube can then be the first to analyze and consider improving. Declaring Word emphazises the importance and relevance of any opinion published online and available for anyone to either agree or disagree upon.
In collaboration with Lin Ven

Exhibited at Declaring Reason at Museum Meermanno, The Hague, June – September 2017

Featured on onlineopen.org


website, audio

The Act is an interactive audio play that reflects on the idea of sexual fantasy and its role in human relationships.

Exhibited at the Sexy Times at SexyLand, Amsterdam, January 2017



in collaboration with Jan Egbers

Exhibited at the Sexy Times at SexyLand, Amsterdam, January 2017



Proposal on how to turn a large writing into print without turning a book into an immobile object.



Tracewalking is about to become an important skill in the nearest postapocaliptic future, when humanity is left with knowledge that is no longer applicable to reality, but becomes the only valid currency and circulates inside and across the emerged tribal communities.

Starring Konstantin Maksimov


book, essay

Essay on the objectivity and logics in graphic design, designed to become a part of "I Hate Graphic Design History" book that brought together all the essays written by 2nd year graphic design students on different topics.
in collaboration with Celine Hurka and Rudi van Delden


video, performance

Shoom is a one-perfomance band that comments on what we expect from a live performance of electronic music. While instrument tends to appear more and more compact, physical movement that unites it with performer is fading away. Шум (Shoom) is a tribute to that movement, as well as to physical body of instrument.
in collaboration with Rebecca Rui and Ies Dietsen

Performance at We Are the Band Two at Dokzaal, Amsterdam, June 2016



While working on my thesis, that revolved around how people assign graphic bodies to abstract ideas, I designed an exercise for myself, visualizing the key points of my writing through associative schematic drawing.



Another side project, linked to the process of writing my thesis, Manipulative Canvas. Graphic interpretation of beta-abstract – the starting point of my writing and a 'trailer' of a kind.